August 26, 2019

Our Services

What do we do?

Kirby Pro-seal are subcontractors for multiple construction companies. We are proud to have developed many long-standing relationships with local and nationwide clients including major housing developers and civil engineering contractors. As we have a diverse knowledge in both new build housing developments and Commercial buildings, we know what our customers require to achieve a quality product, that exceeds their expectations. 

our services

Commercial Buildings

  • External Services
    1. External Frames
    2. Expansion/Movement Joints to Concrete Floor Joints
    3. Expansion/Movement joints to Brick & Block-work
    4. Intumescent Application 
  • Internal Services
    1. Internal Frames
    2. Expansion/Movement Joints to Concrete Floor Joints
    3. Tiled & Vinyl Flooring


  • Pre-Plaster Services
    1. Frames
    2. Former’s (Cavity Closures)
    3. Joist Ends
  • External Services
    1. External Frames
    2. Expansion Joints
    3. Render stop beads
    4. Service penetrations
    5. Soffit Lines
    6. Canopies
  • Internal Services
    1. Internal Frames
    2. Window Boards
    3. Sanitary-ware
    4. Kitchens
    5. Utilities
    6. Cupboards
    7. Part-L Skirtings
    8. Tiled & Vinyl Flooring
    9. Intumescent Sealant to Garages & Carports 

Cosmetic Repairs

  • External Repairs
    1. Minor Glass Scratches
    2. Brick
    3. Stone
    4. UPVC
    5. Garages
    6. Canopies
    7. Meter Boxes
  • Internal Repairs
    1. Wall Tiling
    2. Floor Tiling
    3. Sanitary-ware
    4. Worktops
    5. Cupboards
    6. UPVC
    7. Window Boards

Why choose us?


All services are priced with the options of the variety of sealant colour’s we provide as standard, we also provide a colour match services where required. All our products are of the upper most quality to provide a high standard finish and lasting warranty.

Customer Service

In recent years we have advanced our systems ensuring we provide a trustworthy and dependable service. All our new and existing contracts have a pre-start meeting as an introduction to the managers, our processes and to guarantee a high level of communication with build programs and specifications required by our customers. Managers & supervisors then make sure they visit sites to prevent any issues and to safeguard our employees and their performance.


All our office staff are fully trained on our bespoke software that was created to assist our customers with every requirement. This certify's our staff have all the information specific to each customer in front of them while taking your calls. Our Applicators now receive their job tickets via a bespoke app. Jobs that have been completed can be signed off by our customers via the app on the applicators tablet, to ensure the customer is happy with all the work that has been done. Kirby Pro-seal's service is unique through and through.

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